Our Vision

Our vision is “to make people smile all over the world with the latest technology”. Since the year 2000, I have dedicated my life to bringing smiles to people through my business. Throughout this endeavor, doing business across Japan, Asia, and the United States, I experienced both the highs and lows of entrepreneurship .

I had strong thoughts about this quest to bring true form of happiness to people. From these reflections, I came to the idea that working to find one’s talents and strengths was one of the most important tasks in a person’s life. Our team consists of a diverse group of talented people who come from various backgrounds. From this gathering of diverse people with different abilities, the most important objective for us is to help find an individual’s unique traits and talents through our platform technology, with a focus on working on these few but crucial points.

Our product and service is always based on the concept of helping to find one’s strong points and nurturing people’s innate abilities. As such, we are currently researching to predict these inherent abilities in babies first. Through this, we can allow for individuals to grow and develop into mature adults that will bring positive impacts and happiness to everyone around them. By helping to discover and nurture these talents and abilities early, we can better allow for an individual to grow and develop into adulthood. Making impacts like this is the most important thing in my life because it undoubtedly alters the course of one’s life journey in a positive way.

Our Mission

We aim to bring happiness to people’s lives using the latest technology. So, what does happiness really mean for people? In the quest for an answer, we came to the conclusion that babies are the perfect beginning of happiness, including hopes and dreams. So we are focusing on them first in our quest to bring happiness to people.

I need to make all of this shorter in length and simpler. Too many things going on in the mission statement.


  • 2013

    Launch research how face expressions impact human behavior

  • 2014

    Release 'Face Ad' that uses face expression effectiveness to impact human behavior

  • 2015

    Launch a project: Visualized a baby's mind

  • 2016

    Start an alliance with Hong Kong University Science Technology. The Hong Kong Government approves the project as an official project.

  • 2017

    Start an alliance with Kobe University in Japan. Furthermore, more than 500 kindergartens participate in the project and provide big data to the project.

  • 2018

    The headquarters moved to Los Angeles. Start a co-research with UCLA. Release BabyLook service in the USA.

  • 2020

    Release 'MeeTalk' that connects parents and providers.

  • 2021

    Release MeeTalk


Kyo Zeke

CEO / Founder

Others are coming soon!